A Yoga of Your Own – Finding Your Own InnerLight

A Journey to the Heart of Yoga Teacher Training

By: Susan C Jackson

ILYS_JWP_100“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What exactly is Yoga Teacher Training? Taken at face value, it is exactly that: a

program designed to teach yoga students how to become yoga teachers. We practice

poses (Asana) and their mechanics, study anatomy, learn methodology for effective

teaching (of ourselves and others), and through it all, become more disciplined in

our own personal practice on our mats. We breathe together, move together, and

meditate together. In fact, it’s pretty amazing how much one’s personal practice

evolves in the course of 9 months of intense study. So what makes InnerLight Yoga

School, different from just any old training program?


“Not only did I learn about the asana part of yoga, the history of Yoga and different kinds of
Yoga but I also learned so much about myself. InnerLight Teacher Training was an unbelievable
journey and it has changed my life forever.” – A.E. – ILYS Class of 2013

InnerLight Yoga School


Things are rarely what they seem at the surface [of the mat]. If we truly want

to live deeply and happily we must begin at the depth of our being: we commit to

digging deeper, we give ourselves permission to take risks, and we learn to live

fearlessly not just on our mats but off of them. Thanks to Ralph Waldo Emerson,

most of us have been inspired multiple times to ‘go with the flow in good times and

in bad’ by his famed quote: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” These simple and

inspiring words convey a great truth that this moment, here and now, is the only

moment we truly have. So why stop at mere inspiration when we have the flame of

transformation already within us? Below the surface of InnerLight Yoga Teacher

Training lies exactly that, and invitation to look at our whole journey – what

drives us, who are we at our very core, and what is our purpose (Darshana) and path

(Sadana) is in life?


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped
by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the
noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have
the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” -Steve Jobs

Yoga Teacher Training at InnerLight Yoga School


When I envisioned InnerLight Yoga School I was determined that it would be more

than just a teacher training program, more than just a place where students could

improve the physical part of their practice and learn about someone else’s Yoga.

Either this school would live up to its name and its philosophy or cease to exist.

So what is the philosophy? There is of course the long “official” version but

simply put, YOU are the philosophy. ILYS is a safe haven for you to learn more

about yourself through the study of yoga…but not my Yoga, or the sage’s Yoga,…but

a Yoga that is truly your own.


“I came to ILYS looking for improvement in my asana practice and I was hoping for a bit of a mental makeover. My experience far exceeded my expectations; my individual practice makes me feel so empowered and confident (I can’t thank all of the instructors enough for inspiring me to try new and challenging poses!). The biggest thing I took away from my experience however, is self-acceptance: a willingness to accept my weaknesses along with my strengths. This has already changed my life and keeps me motivated to continue my Yoga journey.” – B.Z. ILYS Class of 2013

InnerLight Yoga School


Although you will be exposed to a multitude of philosophies, strategies, and

opinions, both time honored and new, ILYS provides a platform for you to put

everything you learn to the test and to find out what your Yoga looks like, feels

like, smells like, tastes like, and sounds like from the inside out, so you can

begin to LIVE IT, both on and off the surface of your mat. For those who want to

teach…think back on some of your most inspiring teachers you have had. Did they

teach simply by the book, or did they teach from the heart, encouraging you to “find

out for yourself?”


“It has been such a great honor for me to participate as a teacher with ILYS. I have been both a Yoga student and teacher over the past 12 years and have been to many workshops and trainings with some of the best teachers in our industry. I can say that this program has exceeded to compare and be with the best. The knowledge, inspiration, and joy of Yoga are reflected in both the presentation of the material and the journey of watching students grow and become teachers. I feel so inspired to continue to evolve with our school and am truly grateful to all of our teachers, students, and friends for being true.”
Phyllis Adams – Senior Teacher, InnerLight Yoga School

InnerLight Yoga School in Cary, NC talks to Phyllis Adams about her yoga experience with Lisa Goodwin


Make no mistake, Yoga Teacher Training will not solve all [or any] of life’s

dilemma’s, it will not make you a better person, nor will it tell you what you are

here in this lifetime to do. But what it can do is open a door; the rest is up to you.

The question is: are you ready to look through that doorway, and secondly are you

ready to ante up and walk though? For those that are, get ready to amaze yourself!


“My YTT process was transformative inside and out. Not only did it improve my
practice in beautiful way physically but it allowed me to bloom. It opened my mind
and heart in ways I didn’t expect. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything
and the connections I made will be long lasting.” – S.K. – ILYS Class of 2013

InnerLight Yoga School Teacher Training


I can tell you what Yoga is for me and how it changed and saved my life in many

ways, but that doesn’t make it yours. I can describe to you how each asana and

pranayama technique feels in my body but that doesn’t make it your own. I can tell

you about meditation and its life saving benefits but that doesn’t make it easier

for you to meditate. Instead, this experience is not about me telling but about you

doing. Empowering yourself each day to find that open doorway to your heart which

takes you beyond mere knowledge and to a lasting personal wisdom. Remember;

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” So Live Big, Live Fearless, and Live BRIGHT!


“At the root of each great teacher, lies an inquisitive and dedicated student.” Susan C Jackson, Director of Teacher Training
-Susan C Jackson, Founder of InnerLight Yoga School


An immense thank you to all the fearless self-explorers (students and teachers),
past, present, and future, who make this experience possible. Without your
curiosity and enthusiasm for Yoga and self-exploration InnerLight would not be
here. Thanks also to amazing friends and family, including Patty and studioVIBE for
supporting InnerLight’s vision and giving it such a beautiful home in your heart and
in Cary, NC.  Please visit studioVIBE’s blog to learn more about InnerLight
and all of the other amazing programs in our wonderful community.  

Photographs by: Julia Wade Photography