triYOGA Week 4 Selections

Congratulations to the triYOGA Fall Facebook Challenge selections in Week 4’s challenge of sharing your favorite Yoga pose!  Allie, Brittany, and Shonagh all shared great pictures, and we’re thrilled to share them with you all today.  Allie’s half moon is awesome, Brittany said she loves arm balances because of how they make her feel empowered, and Shonagh said she loves to watch her little Yogis in savasana.  So fun!  Thank you to everyone for sharing your pictures! These ladies have all been entered into the drawing for the great prize pack that will be drawn this week  Stay tuned for the winner and thank you again to everyone for participating.

triYOGA Fall Facebook Challenge : Week 4

Please join InnerLight Yoga School and our partners, studioVIBE and lululemon athletica North Hills, for the 4th and final week of the triYOGA Fall Facebook Challenge!  This week’s challenge is all about sharing a picture of your favorite Yoga pose.  You can upload a new picture you’ve just taken or upload an inspirational image you have in your archives. Here’s how to enter the challenge: Head over to a sponsor’s Facebook page (InnerLight Yoga School,Lululemon North Hills, or studioVIBE). Add a post to the sponsor’s wall and include a picture of your favorite Yoga pose.  You are welcome to add your picture to all three sponsor pages, and you’re also welcome to submit more than one picture to increase your opportunities of being selected.  Please also feel free to include a few words about your picture, your Yoga journey, etc. While you’re entering, please also be sure you have liked the Facebook pages of all three sponsors.  There will be a great gift package going out to a winner at the end of the challenge and we want to be sure we can get in touch with you later if you’re selected. Submissions will be accepted October 28 through November 2, 2013.  Our favorite selections will be posted on all the sponsor’s Facebook pages on November 5, and then the final winner of the gift package will be announced November 6. If you have any questions about the triYOGA Fall Facebook Challenge, feel free to leave a comment below, post it on our Facebook page, or send us an email at Thank you for joining the triYOGA Fall Facebook Challenge.  We are so excited to meet all of you and see your inspiring Yoga pictures. For full contest details and rules, click here.

Yoga Teacher Training Info Session

Come on out to InnerLight Yoga School in Cary this Sunday, October 20 from 2-3 PM for a great FREE Yoga Teacher Training information session. Location: studioVIBE, 200 Cornerstone Drive, Suite 103, Cary, NC Whether you think you would like to teach Yoga or are just considering a teacher training program to deepen your practice, this FREE Info session is for you! The session will include information about InnerLight Yoga School’s 230 hour yoga teacher training program based on some commonly asked questions: what’s involved, investment/tuition, am I ready?, and more. There will also be time at the end for any specific question(s) you may have. Please sign up in advance for this seminar so we know to expect you and feel free to share this info with others that may be interested in learning more about the program.  You can comment below to RSVP or head on over to the event on our Facebook page. Hope to see you there!

Student Spotlight-Christine Barone

Today, we are positively thrilled to do an InnerLight Yoga School Student Spotlight on Christine Barone, a soon-to-be graduate of the class of 2013.  Christine started practicing yoga approximately 3 ½ years ago after having lumbar disc surgery and chronic low back pain.  Armed with a curiosity about yoga, Christine scheduled a few private sessions at studioVIBE (formerly Triangle Pilates and Cary Yoga Center).  She started feeling pain relief so she just stayed with it and  here she is today….getting ready to graduate from InnerLight Yoga School’s Teacher Training Program!  Here’s a little more from Christine on her inspiration and how yoga has been a life changer for her. Q:  Tell us a little about yourself and your interests off the mat. Christine:  I wear many hats as we all do. I am a wife, Mother of 3 adult children and Grandmother of 5. My interests outside of yoga are environmental and Native American studies, and I am an animal rights activist. Fun for me is rock wall climbing, zip lining, comedy shows but MOST importantly, I help teach my grandkids to be strong and confident, with a large dose of common sense and humor. Q:  What’s your favorite pose and why? Christine:  Savasana of course! Silence, stillness, absorbing the benefits of a perfect practice;  every practice is perfect on the mat! Q:  What is your favorite inspirational quote? Christine:  I have a necklace with my favorite quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:  What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. Q:  What have you enjoyed most about your time studying at InnerLight? Christine:  The teachers are amazing, the friendships that have formed, and the knowledge of what is yoga; priceless! Q:  What is your funniest yoga moment? Christine:  When I lose my balance and topple over. That is funny! Q: What got you hooked on yoga and how has it changed your life? Christine:  Yoga gave me a pain free life, but it is much more than that. It is a sense of wellness and peacefulness in body, mind and soul. That is ADDICTIVE!  It has also taught me calmness. Coming from a type A, New York Italian woman that is really a big deal! Q:  What is the thing that has surprised you most about your practice since you have been studying at InnerLight? Christine:  I am amazed at how many Ah-ha moments I have experienced these last several months. What wasn’t clear at first becomes crystal clear. I call it enlightenment! Q:  What has been your proudest yoga moment? Christine:  This may sound corny, but it comes from truth. Watching the pride on our Mama Bird’s face, a.k.a Susan Jackson, when she realizes what a great job she has done and what a major impact she has had on all her baby birds’, a.k.a us students. Soon, she will gently push us out of the nest to watch us soar! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with all of us today, Christine!  Like her, the rest of this year’s group of yoga teacher training students are getting ready to leave the nest and soar.  Please leave us a comment over on Facebook and share your favorite teacher training moments or advice and inspiration for the new graduates.  You can click on the link to go to Facebook directly or just scroll below and leave a comment.  Happy Labor Day, everyone!