“I came to ILYS looking for improvement in my asana practice and I was hoping for a bit of a mental makeover. My experience far exceeded my expectations; my individual practice makes me feel so empowered and confident (I can’t thank all of the instructors enough for inspiring me to try new and challenging poses!). The biggest thing I took away from my experience however, is self acceptance: a willingness to accept my weaknesses along with my strengths. This has already changed my life and keeps me motivated to continue my yoga journey.”  – Brittany

“Participating in the teacher training program at InnerLight yoga School, for me, has been no less than a life changing experience.  It has enabled me to mindfully explore more than one area of interest, including refining my yoga asana practice with like-minded, new friends. Susan Jackson is a gifted teacher and makes the course a fulfilling stepping stone to a life of paying it forward!”   – N.W., Class of 2013

“It has been such a great honor for me to participate as a teacher with ILYS . I have been both a yoga student and teacher over the past 12 years and have been to many workshops and trainings with some of the best teacher’s in our industry and can say that this program has exceeded to compare and to be with the best. The knowledge, inspiration, and joy of yoga is reflected in both the presentation of the material and the journey of watching students grow and become our teacher’s. I feel so inspired to continue to evolve with our school  and am truly grateful to all of our teacher’s, student’s, and friends for being true.”   – Namaste Ya’ll – Phyllie, Teacher at studioVIBE and Innerlight Yoga School

“As a novice who practiced Yoga 1-2 times per week, I was interested in deepening my knowledge and made the decision to enroll in InnerLight Yoga School’s 230 hour Teacher Training Program.  Little did I know what a personal journey this would become. Physically, mentally and spiritually, the teacher training has been an amazing experience. The Inner Light Yoga School teachers and the content of the program are nothing short of incredible. While my destiny with this is yet to be determined, my life has forever changed.”   – Alison, June 2013

“I had looked around at other yoga teacher trainings, and was delighted to see that Susan had started a program based at Studio Vibe. (I consider the studio like  my second home, so I knew it would be the right fit for me.). From my initial questions about the program and during the teacher training, Susan was there to honestly answer every question I had about yoga, teaching and improving my practice.  Upon completion of yoga teacher training, my yoga has improved and I have formed amazing new friendships with my fellow students.   As a new yoga teacher I cannot wait to see where my yoga journey takes me. I have Susan and InnerLight Yoga School to thank for this amazing experience.” – Suzanne

“Inner Light Yoga School is the most profound gift you can give – to yourself.  I initially wanted to make sure I was doing the asanas ‘correctly’ but I found that yoga is so much more than just postures.  Susan Jackson has developed a teacher training program that masterfully instills a strong foundation of yoga principle.   Whether you desire to teach or simply deepen your own yoga practice, the Inner Light Yoga School will exceed your expectations.”  – Debbie Goodwin – Class of 2013

“My YTT process was transformative inside and out. Not only did it improve my practice in beautiful way physically but it allowed me to bloom. It opened my mind and heart in ways I didn’t expect. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything and the connections I made will be long lasting.”  – Sarah, Class of 2013

“Inner Light Yoga School has been a transformation 10 months for me!  For many years I have touched upon meditation, yoga, mind/body/spirit, breathing…and such.  ILYS brought all of this together for me with a program that made this real, possible, and sustainable.  Various teachers shared their expertise:  Yoga Asanas, Yoga Paths; Yoga History; Anatomy; Philosophy; Meditation; Teaching of students, including prenatal and seniors.  The intimate setting that was created and fostered by the teachers and students – helping, supporting, encouraging and caring for each other which made it a transformative experience for each of us.  I am not the same person that I was 10 months ago.  I cannot think of a better way to have spent my time than with Susan Jackson and the ILYSchool, teachers and classmates.  ILYS will lead you into a richer, fuller, healthier life whether you decide to teach or not!” – Betsy, Class of 2014

“I signed up for ILYS training with a hope to improve my bad back, and to learn what it would take to establish a home practice.   I am happy to say that I graduated with a healthy back, and a daily home practice.  What I did not know was that I would also leave with a sense of peace that I had not known was possible.  To say it was life changing would be entirely appropriate.  There is no doubt in my mind that I am a better person than before my training.   The key to the ILYS program  is that it did not change me, or make me a different person.  What it did was allow me to begin to discover my true Self.    Self discovery is a very personal experience, but sometimes you need the right guide to help you along the way.  Susan, and the rest of the ILYS teachers, provided the light along my path.  Without their help and guidance, I would not have become the person that I am.   The best part of all of this is that even though I have graduated, I know that I am just beginning on my journey.” – Kurt

“My experience in the ILYS training was transformative.  As I bonded with my fellow yogi classmates, I progressed on a path of self-discovery and self acceptance.  I learned how I can “live” my yoga by following the 8 limb path.  And by studying the ancient texts and philosophy, I got a glimpse of the depth of the meaning of yoga in the history of our world.  Our weekends were like 10 mini- yoga retreats.  We had amazing classes, fun and creative anatomy lessons, intriguing discussions, and practice clinics to learn teaching skills. When I graduated, I felt ready and prepared to teach. I highly recommend this program!!”  – Amy, 2014 Graduate

“When I enrolled in the ILYS teacher training program, I expected to learn how to teach yoga.  However in addition to teaching, I learned about myself through the self-reflections motivated by class discussions and homework assignments.   Susan and her network of knowledgeable teachers led inspirational sessions on topics such as the yoga sutras, meditation, and ayurveda; exposure to all of these facets of yoga has been life-changing for me and has left me eager to learn more.”    – Mary, Class of 2014