Student Spotlight – Alison

We’re so thrilled to be sharing another InnerLight Yoga School teacher training student spotlight with everyone today.  Meet Alison!  Read on for more about what inspires her Yoga practice and what her proudest Yoga moment has been to date.  Hope you enjoy!  As always, feel free to leave a comment for Alison at the bottom of the post.  Have a great day, everyone!

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Q:  Tell us a little about yourself and your interests and inspirations off the Yoga mat.

InnerLight Yoga School | Yoga Teacher Training Student, Alison, during a weekend training session in Cary, NC
Alison {Photo Credit: Julia Wade Photography}

Alison:  My story begins with my proudest accomplishment, my wonderful family. My husband and I met in college at the University of New Hampshire and in May of this year, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  We have two amazing daughters who inspire us with their positive attitudes and great zest for life. I have moved 12 times but Cape Cod, Massachusetts has always be a constant among all the change and I am lucky to know such a special place. I work full time as a Project Manager, enjoy traveling, staying active, keeping in touch with friends and, of course, yoga.  I am constantly inspired by the power a positive attitude has on life. 

Q:  How have these inspirations shaped your Yoga practice?

Alison:  My family has been my biggest cheerleader. They encouraged me to sign up for yoga teacher training and have supported me the entire way.  Bringing  the inspirational positive attitude to my practice everyday is so important.  As we all know, some days are better than others and a positive attitude always helps me appreciate the time on my mat with the gratitude it deserves. 

Q:  Can you share something about yourself that many people may not know?

Alison:  I was 5’10” tall in 6th grade.

Q:  What motivated you to do Yoga Teacher Training?

Alison:  Teacher training is something I’ve thought about for a few years but the top three motivating factors to do it now through InnerLight Yoga School were; #1 – Susan Jackson, #2 – Susan Jackson and #3 – Susan Jackson.

InnerLight Yoga School | Yoga Teacher Training Student, Alison, with program director, Susan Jackson, in Cary, NC
Alison with InnerLight Yoga School Founder, Susan Jackson
{Photo Credit: Julia Wade Photography}

Q:  What got you hooked on Yoga?

Alison:  Savasana – Where else do you get to lay down, close your eyes and think about nothing after you exercise?

Q:  What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Alison:   “Life is a Boomerang” (author unknown but it could be me!)

Q:  How has your perspective on Yoga changed since enrolling at InnerLight Yoga School?

Alison:   I have a new awareness.  This includes – my body, my mind, my spirit, my posture, what I eat, what I read, what I say, what I think, my surroundings, people – EVERYTHING. I’m a whole new me or maybe I am just now aware of me!

Q:  What’s your favorite pose and why?

Alison:  Trikonasana.  My body loves Triangle pose.  The benefits I receive from this pose carry me through my day. I don’t let my day begin without a few good Trikonasanas.

Q:  What is your proudest Yoga moment?

Alison:  During one Teacher Training weekend, I accomplished a handstand, headstand and backbend. I never dreamed I could do them. What a feeling that was!

Q:  What was the biggest surprise about your YTT experience?

Alison:  The biggest and best surprise has been the relationships & friendships I have formed with my fellow teacher training yogis.  The support and love from these people, who I didn’t know 10 months ago, is amazing.

Yoga Teacher Training Students at InnerLight Yoga School in Cary, NC
Alison with other members of the InnerLight Yoga School Class of 2013.
{Photo Credit: Julia Wade Photography}