Our Approach

InnerLight Yoga School is a registered yoga school (RYS 200) providing yoga teacher training to students in the Triangle area of NC and beyond.  The school is located in Cary, hosted by studioVIBE, and was founded by Susan C Jackson on the principal that everyone has the potential to shine. As teachers, we have the opportunity and duty to help our students realize their own true potential or “innerlight” through the practice of Yoga.

Our Philosophy

At the root of each great teacher, lies an inquisitive and dedicated student.  InnerLight Yoga School’s teacher training program is dedicated to helping each participant discover and cultivate their own “inner teacher” by deepening and expanding one’s own practice and understanding of all aspects of Yoga.  Whether it is your desire to teach Yoga to others or to simply expand your knowledge base as a student and become your own best teacher, InnerLight is dedicated to providing you with the background and knowledge base to remain a lifelong student of Yoga and offers the necessary tools to share the practice of Yoga with self and others in a meaningful and safe manner.  Here, we believe that when dedicated focus is given to the individual we can then collectively and constructively contribute to the greater good of the whole.  At InnerLight, our mission is simple: To empower fellow humans to Practice, Teach, and Shine.

Our Interdisciplinary Approach

Nobody fits into the same box. Therefore, InnerLight Yoga School offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Yoga at the 200 hour level.  As a student, you will receive well rounded guidance, insight, and practice within several established disciplines of Yoga. By giving our students exposure to various styles, methodologies, and philosophies we create a platform for the student to follow what interests them the most as they continue their studies and practice beyond teacher training. We call our interdisciplinary approach Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga and aim to empower each student, through dedicated practice and training, to find his or her own Yogic path and, in turn, encourage their future students to do the same.

Q: Will focusing on a blend of styles and methodologies take depth away from the learning experience?

A: No, we strive to create the finest alchemizing here in the training experience. All the teachings are deep and require continued self exploration. This program has guts! Our goal is to provide consistent depth throughout the program so that you can contemplate and understand how and what fits for you as both a student and as a teacher, should you choose to teach.

Q: What do you call your interdisciplinary style?

A1: Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. HVY is a fully integrated approach which means that this practice is not reserved or limited to the space of one’s mat. This style of practice requires dedicated work in setting clear intentions to guide self exploration and action. You will find that Pranayama (breath guidance) and Meditation play a large role in complimenting the study of Asana (postures).

A2: For the Knowledge Seekers: Ha, means sun and Tha, means moon. While the sun and moon are brilliant compliments of one another, we believe that your yoga practice should vibrantly compliment you. Hatha Yoga is also known as “forceful” yoga. This may not be what you think. We define forceful as anything requiring effort. Keep in mind effort is not viewed negatively in this context. Effort = Passion = Action. Sometimes our greatest effort may come in the form of stillness or reflection, sometimes it takes the form of moving mountains. A journey such as this is hard work, but just like the sun and moon analogy, effort or force also has a balance or compliment. At InnerLight, we believe that any effort is best balanced with graceful ease. Both elements require dedication and practice.

So, where does the Vinyasa come in? While there are many translations of Vinyasa, the one that fits our approach best is a more classical one: “to skillfully place in a special way to land safely at the next moment.” While we can easily apply this to Asana (posture) practice, we take this much deeper in to our lived experiences and encourage you to do the same. Through effort and practice we teach ourselves to skillfully set intentions to guide us safely to the next point. Accruing lived experience and wisdom along the way. It is this lived experience and wisdom that helps us to best illuminate the light within.