Susan Jackson

Susan began her Yoga journey in 2000 after taking a course in Eastern Culture and Philosophy at Bradley University where she also studied Elementary Education. She practiced Yoga in good ‘ole DIY fashion for several years, while teaching grades 5-8 in both Illinois and Tennessee. It was in Nashville where she finally found a studio home and continued her practice under her teacher and mentor, Cassie Aitken.   Susan completed her 200 hour certification in 2006 with Jimmy Barkan and returned 3 months later to also complete Jimmy’s Level II/III training. She completed her 500 hour training through Asheville Yoga Center. Since finding her Yoga path, Susan has cultivated a deep interest in anatomy and physiology and remains passionate about continuing education. Susan believes that, “We are always students. Our greatest failure as teachers is when we think there is nothing else to learn.” Learn more about Susan

Phyllis Adams

Phyllis graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Her natural gift for working with people is present in each and every one of her classes. She possesses dedicated skills as a compassionate and motivating teacher who encourages students to be true to their own true nature. Each interaction with Phyllis, both on and off the mat, comes from a very loving and nurturing place and her heart inspired classes are nothing short of inspirational. For over 17 years of teaching both yoga and fitness classes, Phyllis has continued her studies with many gifted teachers such as: Shiva Rea, Sommer & Paul Sobin, Lila Brown, John Friend, Seane Corn, Rod Stryker, David Swensen, Tim Miller, Betsy Downing, Desiree Rumbaugh, and many more. Her loving and nurturing character inspires and reminds her students, that there is so much more to practice than what meets the eye.

Melinda Thomas Hansen

Melinda has always had a passion for physical movement as an expression of Spirit. She began exploring yoga for its meditative and movement qualities in high school and dabbled with various books and videos until finding her calling as a yoga teacher while on retreat at an art center in Vermont. She dedicated her studies to the Anusara path from 2005 – 2012, graduated from her 200hr teacher training with Lila Brown, Sommer and Paul Sobin in 2008 and received her 500 hour teacher designation as extension of the in depth training in teaching and therapeutics she completed while working towards Anusara Certification. Melinda was an Anusara Inspired teacher from 2009 – 2012. Melinda continues to study yoga as a transformational way of life. Learn more about Melinda

Rachel Manetti

Rachel spent over 3 weeks during the summer of 2011 immersed in the study of teaching yoga with Asheville Yoga Center (AYC). She graduated from the program with her RYT200 certification and subsequently obtained Prenatal, Yin, and Advance Vinyasa certificates from AYC. She has studied with a range of teachers including Stephanie Keach, Shala Worsley, Michael Johnson, and Angela Farmer. Rachel empowers her students to honestly assess their own current strengths and challenges in order to move intentionally throughout their practice. In completing over 100 hours of combined remote and in-person study with Susi Hately out of Calgary, a master therapeutic yoga teacher, she recognizes the hidden ability in each of us to move with ease instead of strain. Rachel’s therapeutic yoga teachings are woven into all of her classes and offered exclusively in small group therapeutic yoga classes and private therapeutic yoga sessions.  Please visit her site,

Reuben Schooler

Reuben discovered his innate desire and ability as a healer through the spiritual science of yoga. Since that time, Reuben has devoted himself to the study and practice of radiant health and well-being. As a young adult, Reuben was an active runner, rugby player, and beach volleyball player. Later, Reuben turned to the practice of yoga postures to heal his body and mind from the stress that had manifested as various chronic disease conditions. In 2001, Reuben became a certified personal trainer with NETA and after several years of yoga practice, Reuben became a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance in 2004. Learn more about Reuben